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This page last updated on March 15, 2007

Where are people now?

My idea for this page is that the list of names and information here will help all of us to recall folks that
we knew on crew and to possibly reconnect with some of these folks. Send me more names and contact info.

A "yes" in the "phone/email" column indicates that I have contact info for the person and will be happy
to share that with you. To help prevent spam, I have not posted email addresses.

Name Phone/
Present Location / Info
Mike Dawson yes http://www.pcta.org/about_pcta/staff.asp
Trail Operations Director

Pacific Crest Trail Association
Vashon, WA
Bob Fries    
Greg Western   http://www.crossvermont.org/contact_us.php
Trail Programs Coordinator
Cross Vermont Trail Association
Montpelier, VT
Jenny Golding    
Janet Gibbons yes  
Andrew Moores    
Keith Smith    
Rob Spaulding    
Jim Bartos    
Max Guggenhemer    
Beth Beary yes  
Becca Overacre    
Cynthia Crotwell    
Dana Berthold   Ph.D. Spring 2005, University of Oregon.
Davy Ray    
Josh Adams    
Charlotte Crittenden    
Zeb VanHoussan    
Rich Atwood yes
From Rich (15 Mar 2007): "Since moving on after the '91 Konnarock season, I changed career paths.
I got married in '92, have 3 kids, and I am a career firefighter/paramedic.  Interesting 
note- in June 2004, I became a published author.  My book "Roan Odyssey" is available 
on Amazon.com or through the publisher's website PublishAmerica.com.  The book is 
fiction, but works in some real life experiences and of course my time with the Trail 
was a big influence.
Fred Lashley yes See the web site for Fred's company, The Unturned Stone for some great photos of stone work. The info below was stolen from the web site:

Fredrica (Fred) Lashley started setting stone in 1988, while working as a volunteer on trail crews on the Appalachian Trail. In ‘93 and ‘94 she led volunteer crews building and restoring trails, doing stonework and constructing bridges and shelters. While doing trail work, Fred met Charles McRaven, noted mason, author and restorations scholar who hired her to build a stone patio at his house. Realizing that stone work was her calling, Fred returned to North Carolina and started the Unturned Stone.

The Unturned Stone started tiny. Fred worked on her own in the Asheville area, washing dishes parttime to make ends meet. She had two hammers, three chisels and a ramshackle Nissan Stanza. Now The Unturned Stone employs fifteen skilled craftspeople working on projects all over North Carolina and beyond. Tools overflow the various sheds and there’s a fleet of trucks and small equipment.

The Unturned Stone is one of the few companies in the country that specializes in hand-built back country trails. We have done trail projects throughout North Carolina as well as working on projects in West Virginia, New York and Tennessee. We are known throughout the Asheville area for the creativity and quality of our stonework. Asheville mason and author David Reed has featured photographs of Unturned Stone projects in both of his books, The Art and Craft of Stonescaping and The Art of Craft of Stonework, published by Lark Books. Our web portfolio and blog are popular destinations for masons and homeowners seeking information and inspiration.

Bob Brown    
Dean Sims yes Florida. Dean will complete 24 years as a Konnarock volunteer in 2007. We can all hope to still be doing this when we are Dean's age.
Dean will be there during base camp cleanup week 2007.
Ed Clayton yes Cary, NC
I will volunteer week #1 of 2007.
Ross Sherman
yes Wiggins, MS.
Cab Booth yes Bristol, VA. Cab volunteered the first year of Konnrock and for many years held the record for the longest run as a volunteer.