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This page last updated on March 16, 2007

This article from the May 1983 issue of The Register seeks volunteers for the first season of the Konnarock Crew.

Volunteers Needed for Work / Training Center

The Southern Region's Camp Konnarock Volunteer Work and Training Center project will begin June 9 and run to August 29, offering opportunities for training and experience in a variety of trail construction and management techniques to as many as 40 volunteers. Crew members will live and work together on the A.T., with days off at the comfortable work center, a 20-room former school with kitchen, bunkrooms, showers, and local recreation facilities.

Volunteer commitments to work on the crew can vary from one week to the entire l2-week program. Volunteers are also invited to join the crew on weekends. The Konnarock crew work schedule will include weekends so that short-term workers can learn skills and techniques being used by the more experienced "full-time" volunteer crew members.

Applications for volunteer crew members are now available from ATC Headquarters or from the two ATC Southern Region field offices. (See masthead for addresses and phone numbers.) Apply soon to make your mark on the Appalachian Trail.

In a recent action, the ATC Board of Managers ratified action by the Executive Committee providing financial support for the project. The U.S. Forest Service's support for the project includes the Konnarock facility itself, personnel, tools, a transport vehicle, and project funding. Several of the Southern Region A.T. Clubs will be providing logistic and financial support for the project, as well as sending members to the field to help the crew. Projects are presently being considered on A.T. sections managed by seven of the southern clubs. Possible projects include new Trail constructions at Max Patch in North Carolina, Catawba Mountain in Virginia, and in connection with the Wintergreen purchase near the George Washington National Forest.