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 The Register, Volume 6, Number 12, December 1983

Konnarock Project A Success

On August 29, 1983, after a successful 12-week summer work program, Konnarock project coordinator, Peter Fahmy, and the remaining members of the all-volunteer trail crew closed down the work center at Konnarock, Va. The crew members separated to return to school or their various careers in far-flung locations throughout the country. As for many of us, their friendships were forged on the Appalachian Trail while performing full-time volunteer work for the ATC, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service.

The Konnarock crew implemented more than a dozen major projects on six Forest Service ranger districts in four different national forests and on National Park Service-owned Trail corridor. During the eleven work weekends, the Konnarock crew was joined by club members from ten different Southern Trail clubs. Upon review of a long-list of the work accomplished, ATC and the USFS have concluded that the twin objectives of increased training of volunteers, while infusing needed person-power into southern trail projects, were both successfully accomplished. Endorsements for continuing and even expanding next year's program have been made by the southern Trail clubs and U.S. Forest Service ranger districts. It is expected that the ATC Board of Managers will authorize the 1984 program at its upcoming meeting.

For further information on the 1984 program or for a detailed 1983 work report, write ATC Trail Management Coordinator at headquarters in Harpers Ferry.