Konnarock Crew
An unofficial collection of pictures &
information about the ATC Konnarock
Trail Crew Based in Sugar Grove, VA

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The 2007 Season marks the 25th
Anniversary of the Konnarock Crew!


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Articles from Appalachian Trailway News & The Register

The history of the Konnarock Crew is documented through articles that appeared in the Appalachian Trailway News and The Register.

Photographs, Odds, & Ends


2007 End of Season Celebration

Think about showing up for the end of season celebration at Sugar Grove. What better time to come than at the end of the 25th crew season? The info below is from the 2007 Crew project schedule page:

Saturday, 8/18. 7:00 PM
We invite all 2007 Konnarock participants as well as our club and agency partners to join us in celebration of another great Konnarock season. Dinner will be served potluck style - please bring a dish for all to share and enjoy. Call (540) 953-3571 to RSVP.

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